Empire Builders was first-movers a decade ago in privacy-first topics digital marketing, we have the experience, reputation and pedigree to back it up!

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Learn what big retail, branding agencies, ad agencies, publishers and network media don't want to share with small business, startups and entrepreneurs about the disruption coming to the internet in 2023


With uncertainty looming over Google's privacy-first topics browser, consumer data privacy regulations and the loss of third party cookies, how entrepreneurs start, launch and grow online will fundamentally change by 2023. We at Empire Builders believe it is important for small business to have access to the same insider digital knowledge that big tech is currently capitalizing on. The great internet privacy reset underway will disrupt even the very best in online services. The online giants have been preparing for a hard shift to a global digital economy for more than a decade. As privacy-first web browsers become the reality, entrepreneurs, startups and small business will find it impossible to compete against these online giants dollar for dollar. Read on.


From our decade long privacy-first internet research and development effort, we identified that using exact-match descriptive website domain names without using tracking identifiers was a perfect solution to privacy restricted browsers in search and display when competing against the online giants. As small business is forced to embrace a privacy-first internet, products like Google Analytics will become even less effective for conversion data and tracking, leaving small business with limited measurement options.  

Empire Builders has proven that branded support websites that effectively use exact-match topic-based keyword domain names in a privacy-first browser will have an advantage over the fiercest competitor when targeting keyword, topic and cohort groups. With Google's privacy browser framework in place, consumer data privacy regulation in the hands of legislators and the loss of behavioral tracking identifiers, it’s even more important to have a keyword or topic-based strategy that can dominate the first six inches of a mobile device.


As browser tracking disappears and privacy walls take affect, we believe word mashups, wildly-misspelled, numerated, hyphenated and double lettered domain names will have a diminishing effect on website history relevance and traditional SEO strategies. This will become a stumbling block for many new and poorly SEO'ed websites vying for page one dominance in a keyword and topic-based privacy-first internet browser.

Understanding how today’s in-the-moment online users initiate product and service consumption by keywords and topics is paramount. Online consumers today have cast overboard the traditional way of doing brand-search commerce and it will only get worse as consumers embrace the rapidly expanding direct-to-consumer online economy. These impatient online consumers now predominantly search by dictionary-based goods and service keywords and topics like home décor, women's clothing, auto insurance and mergers and acquisitions. The recent FLoC trials and a decade of Google search analytics overwhelmingly supports the hard shift away from intrusive surveillance internet search and display strategies.


By 2023 Google's great internet reset will leave many small businesses behind, leaving in-the-moment online consumers at the mercy of substandard products and services from the online giants.

Empire Builders has over a decade of vetted visionary digital research, development, innovation and digital asset strategy experience. We have helped startups hard launch and small businesses grow in a rapidly expanding digital economy. We have proven the Empire Builders concept 1000's of times and we are confident our model is the key to brand relevance from here on out.


Empire Builders has never been more confident and ready to meet this moment and we are ready to help guide small business through this disruption.


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Supporting Keyword Or Topic-Based Website Domain Name Articles


AUGUST 11, 2021 by KATE KAYE

Google considers switching FLoC to a topic-based approach, as exec acknowledges cookie replacement has fingerprinting potential

"In general, many observers and industry stakeholders are in the dark about the concept Karlin introduced at the meeting, and Google does not appear to have formally introduced the new topic-based concept to participants in the Worldwide Web Consortium forum where Google formally operates its Privacy Sandbox initiative."

“It’s possible that the next version of FLoC will work much the same as the recent origin trial, except that they’ll use topics or keywords from the page instead of, or in addition to, domain names,” said Don Marti, vp of ecosystem innovation at CafeMedia, who keeps close tabs on Google’s Privacy Sandbox efforts. However, he said, “I don’t know anything about how the next release of FLoC will be different from the last one.”

Full Article Here


January 25, 2022 by FREDERIC LARDINOIS

Daily Crunch: Google dumps FloC plan, proposes new Topics

API for ad targeting

"The idea here is that your browser will learn about your interests as you move around the web. It’ll keep data for the last three weeks of your browsing history and as of now, Google is restricting the number of topics to 300, with plans to extend this over time. Google notes that these topics will not include any sensitive categories like gender or race.

To figure out your interests, Google categorizes the sites you visit based on one of these 300 topics. For sites that it hasn’t categorized before, a lightweight machine learning algorithm in the browser will take over and provide an estimated topic based on the name of the domain."

Full Article Here


January 25, 2022 by SEB JOSEPH

Understanding Google’s FLoC replacement Topics, and its

unanswered questions

"For now, what little has been shared about Topics suggests it will be an improvement on FLoCs when it comes to privacy, since it will eliminate the issues with potential fingerprinting via those cohorts.


On the flipside, the benefits aren’t so clear. On the contrary, it looks they will be drastically reduced since the source of the data is domain-based and transient instead of contextual and relatively persistent, said Loch Rose, chief analytics officer at Publics-owned Epsilon. In fact, it’s not clear how much better Topics is than detailed IAB labels, except that it carries across sites to a certain degree, added Rose."

Full Article Here

What Empire Builders privacy-first topics digital advertising looks like in search results

Our research and development for a privacy-first topics internet has been entirely self-funded since 2009. No seed money, no investor capitol and certainly no Silicon Valley funding, just pure relentless innovation driven by an unexplainable vision. Our topics internet solutions have been trialed and vetted, and are ready to take on Google's reinvention of internet search and display disrupt.

Online Advertising Search Results By Topics

The online advertising example below is how Empire went from an unknown digital marketing company, to being known as a top digital marketing strategist in the nation!

Google Online Advertising Example