What entrepreneurs need to know about starting a business in a digital economy.

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Learn what branding agencies, web developers, ad agencies, domain brokers and pay-to-play organizations don't want startups & entrepreneurs to know!

Data privacy regulations and voice search will disrupt everything we about leveraging the internet.

In a consumer data privacy environment, domain names that are highly relevant signal search engine algorithms to more effectively rank natural-language search queries for the first page of search on a mobile device that’s no bigger than an index card.

Empire Digital Media believes websites that effectively use exact match keyword domain names have the advantage. This wasn’t well supported over the last few years, but now with the natural-language algorithm updates like RankBrain, BERT and data privacy, it’s a must. As natural speech algorithms signal for site relevance, we believe location based, number and letter mashups, wildly-misspelled, numerated, hyphenated and double lettered domains will become a stumbling block for many small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups.

Understanding how today’s "in-the-moment" mobile consumers initiate product and service consumption by keyword is paramount. Online consumers today have cast overboard the traditional way of doing brand-search commerce and it will only get worse in a data privacy environment.  Impatient mobile consumers today predominantly search by natural speech goods and services keywords...a decade of Google search analytics overwhelmingly proves this.


Empire Digital Media has a decade of vetted digital media research and development experience in end user .CO businesses and startups. Our digital media no-track consumer concepts are ideal for voice search marketing, product keyword branding, services, consulting, retail sales and cross-border dropship ecommerce. We have helped many startups hard launch and small businesses grow in the new digital economy. We have proven that the new location, location, location is no longer brick and mortar, it's digital real estate!

Empire Digital Media has hyper-targeted exact match natural-language .co domain names in just about every industry!


If you're looking for a no non-sense approach to entrepreneurship or a family startup idea, this is it!

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