Empire Has Third Party Cookie Solutions For Small Business, Publishers & Middle Market Digital Agencies

Media giants, publishers and ad agencies, the days of over charging small businesses for throw-it-against-the-wall and see-if-it-will stick advertising is over. The online and offline business community is no longer interested in advertising next to questionable news, alternative social media facts, revenge journalism and off target paid search ads. As the deprecation of third party cookies comes into focus, online advertisers must completely retool current online marketing and advertising strategies to weather the impending backlash from big tech in a new era of consumer data privacy and antitrust regulation.

The Future of Advertising and Third-Party Cookies



Empire Digital Media has over a decade of vetted digital research and development global online advertising solutions. Our hyper-targeted behavioral online advertising concepts are an ideal solution to the deprecation of third-party cookies and surveillance based online marketing and advertising.

Empire Digital Media has consulted with top ad executives, small and large businesses and have helped startups launch in the ever-advancing global digital economy. We have proven that our highly effective targeted digital advertising is a solution to no-track cookieless online behavioral advertising. In a consumer data privacy environment, it is imperative to have online ads that are highly relevant and hyper-targeted to a user’s search query to competitively advertise across devices and platforms.

Empire Digital Media has proven promotional landing page sites that effectively use exact match product and service keyword domain names that allow online ads to serve more effectively over the biggest competitors with marketing and advertising budgets in the millions. As organic search results crater in the coming years due to natural language SEO and consumer data privacy, it's critical to have a digital strategy in place....now...before solutions become unaffordable. 

As voice search SEO meets natural speech algorithms in a consumer data privacy environment, we believe many digital agencies and small businesses that promote, manage and own websites that use long-tail, mashup, wildly misspelled, numerated, hyphenated and double lettered domain names may fall victim to natural language voice search algorithms.


To survive the biggest disruption to commerce since the inception of the internet, middle market digital agencies and small business, must understand how today’s in-the-moment mobile consumers initiate product and service consumption within the first five inches of a mobile device. Online consumers today have cast overboard the traditional way of doing commerce and the time they are willing to do it in. The online digital economy is here to stay, investments in innovative third-party cookie and voice search SEO solutions is the only way to survive and it starts with developing a stand-alone branded landing page anchored to a short descriptive product or service keyword domain name in .com or .co.

As many digital agencies and small businesses procrastinate, the online advertising and social media giants are rubbing their hands together knowing they have cornered much of the digital talent that is known as human capital. By late 2022 many digital agencies and small businesses that thought time was on their side will have a reality check, options will be limited. By 2023 online advertising, digital marketing and SEO rates will likely skyrocket into the foreseeable future. The time is now to invest and retool in relevant online consumer targeting solutions.

Contact Empire today for an engaging digital consultation and learn how our domain name portfolio can make online advertising relevance a reality without tracking online consumers with surveillance third party cookies.

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